About Us

Burne Engineering Services, Inc. (Burne), is a structural engineering consulting firm founded in 2002 and incorporated in 2007. We are a full-service firm specializing in bridges and buildings. Burne provides structural design and engineering, drafting, inspection, construction support and quality assurance services. We work with local, state and federal governments, individuals and other businesses.


Improving our communities one structure at a time.
Building lasting structures – and lasting relationships.


Provide responsive,  innovative, and economical structural engineering services.

Core Values

  • Communication – We return all phone calls and respond to our clients’ questions and concerns.
  • Collaboration – We believe the best engineering solutions come from collaboration with the contractor, owner, architect and designer. We are open to new ideas.
  • Integrity – We behave ethically and are respectful, open and honest.
  • Quality – We provide high-quality engineering – we design our structures to last.
  • Innovation – We develop better engineering solutions by staying current with technology and building products – and through our extensive work in the field.
  • Loyalty – We attract and retain excellent, motivated employees; We engage our clients, peers, plan checkers, inspectors and the communities we serve so that they trust us and value our services.